I bet the only reason they rescheduled Project CARS is because of the shitstorm of problems that Drive Club is causing for Sony. Sony probably begged Slightly Mad Studios to delay Project Cars, because who in their right mind would buy Drive Club with all the problems it's experiencing when Project Cars was literally… » 10/20/14 6:05pm Yesterday 6:05pm

Worth it? I can literally buy TWENTY new Tesla's which get 3.2 sec 0-60 time for the same price. Sure, this is a great looking car and has lots of soul and is no doubt amazing, but saying worth it just because something is pretty doesn't make sense. Guess it doesn't have to for some people though. » 10/20/14 4:33pm Yesterday 4:33pm

I'd just like to note that I wasn't previously able to watch Netflix on computers at work, due to an older version of silverlight being on the computers and having no administrator priviledges to install them... Now it seems to be working just fine, so maybe it's running the HTML5 version. » 10/15/14 1:53pm Wednesday 1:53pm

My girlfriend and I don't live together, but we have semi-opposite schedules. She's a morning person and I'm more of a night owl. When she's over, she often goes home around 10pm, and I stay up till about midnight. I use this time to watch tv shows that she isn't interested in, play video games, read a book, or… » 10/07/14 3:11pm 10/07/14 3:11pm